COVID-19 Information

In this page, the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce will compile links and resources with the latest information about COVID-19 in the Yukon and Canada, especially those topics most relevant to the business community.

Relief Funding Shortlist

The Dawson City Chamber of Commerce (DCCC), with the resourceful help of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce (YCC), has compiled a shortlist of relief funding efforts offered by the Yukon and Canadian governments for businesses.
It is important to understand that our governments are working as quickly as possible to provide funding, and some funds listed below may still be under review at time of writing.  This list is subject to daily updates and changes as more information becomes available.

Download PDF Here

Information Session Series - Dawson City Business Owners & The impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

The first of these meetings was held on Friday, March 20th. This info session was hosted by the DCCC to engage with our members and business community and discuss strategies to work together. We had speakers from the tourism, business, government and health sectors and over 55 people in attendance. Due to the success of the first session, as well as a response to the questions and positive feedback that came forth from our community, the DCCC will continue to host these virtual Info Sessions every Friday for the time being.

Read March 27th Meeting Minutes Here

Read March 20th Meeting Minutes Here



First two COVID-19 cases announced in the Yukon (Streamed live on March 22nd) 

Useful Links

COVID-19 Updates:

Resources for businesses:

Our friends and colleagues at the Yukon Chamber of Commerce have put together a COVID-19 information page for businesses and employers. Please visit their website to learn about resources and plans to help your business through this pandemic. 

Yukon Chamber of Commerce


Mass Gathering recommendations


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