Shop Dawson



What is Shop Dawson?

Shop Dawson is a Dawson City Chamber of Commerce initiative designed to boost Dawson City’s local economy.

Through social media marketing, our Shop Dawson Gift Certificate program and special campaigns, we aim to bring local entrepreneurs into the spotlight. We strive to develop effective strategies to shift consumer's focus back into our community. connecting local demand to local supply, with an emphasis on sustainable business practices and fostering the growth of our community's entrepreneurial resources.

By shopping local, you help small businesses thrive, and your money is re-invested in your own community.

When we shop local, we help Dawson's businesses to provide jobs for our neighbors and friends. We help to fund city services such as road maintenance and funding for our community through sales tax dollars.

When we shop local, we are investing in the character and prosperity of Dawson and we embolden our local entrepreneurs.

We truly do enrich the health of our community, and our future, by shopping local.

How does it work?
Two ways:
1. Through keeping an eye on our Shop Dawson Facebook Page for local deals and updates.
2. Through purchasing Shop Dawson Gift Certificates.

What are Shop Dawson Gift Certificates?
Shop Dawson Gift Certificates are redeemable vouchers with a cash value ($10, $20 and $50) that are a great way to show someone your appreciation, while also supporting our local industries and services. 

As a participating business, you will automatically be included in the program once you join our membership.  When a customer presents you with a certificate, you accept it as payment like you would a personal check, and present it to the Dawson City Chamber to be cashed for the full amount.  There are no processing fees or percentages retained by the Chamber: you get the full face value of the gift certificate. The only cost for the program is your membership fee.

You can also participate in the Shop Dawson Program by purchasing our gift certificates to use as employee incentives and bonuses, loyal customer gifts, and even your personal use. 

Where can you get Shop Dawson Gift Certificates?
To purchase, contact the Chamber office at 993-5274 or email us.  We accept cash and all major credit cards, and we can even mail them to your home if you are from out of town!

And now, since November 2019, Shop Dawson Gift Certificates can also be purchased year round at The Raven's Nook.

Where can you redeem them?
Gift certificates can be redeemed at any business that is currently a member of the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce.

What else does Shop Dawson do?
We provide our members with social media marketing services and consulting, promoting them every chance we get. As well, we offer participation in all our events and campaigns designed to connect consumers with local products, such as our latest campaign, The Shop Dawson Holiday Raffle.

Would you like your business to be part of the Shop Dawson program? Become a member!   


Interested in receiving updates and deals from our members? Like our Shop Dawson Facebook Page and our Instagram account


Participating Members:

43565 Yukon Inc. (dba) Crain Ventures Electrical
5th Avenue Bed and Breakfast
Air North
Alkan Air
Arctic Inland Resources Ltd
Aurora Inn
Aurora Office
BHB Holdings
Bombay Peggy's Inn & Pub
Bonanza Gold Motel and RV Park
Bonanza Market
Borealis Painting
CFYT Community Radio
Chief Isaac Inc.
City of Dawson
Däna Näye Ventures
Dancing Moose
Dawson City General Store
Dawson City Museum Society
Dawson Hardware Ltd.
Dawson Mobile Chip Repair
Dawson Trading Post
Downtown Hotel
Eldorado Hotel
Fortymile Gold Workshop
Gammie Trucking
Gillespie Equipment Rentals Limited
Newmont - Gold Corp
Gold Rush Campground 
Great River Air
Grenon Enterprises Services
Ground Truth Exploration
Hammerstone Drilling
Humane Society Dawson
Jimmy’s Place
Klondike Development Organization
Klondike Institute of Art and Culture
Klondike Kate’s Cabins
Klondike Nugget & Ivory Shop
Klondike Off-Grid Solutions
Klondike Placer Miners Association
Klondike Sun
Klondike Visitors Association
MacKenzie Petroleum
Manitoulin / Kluane Freight Lines 
Maximilian’s Gold Rush Emporium
Mayes Enterprises
Monarch Insurance
Newmont - Gold Corp, Inc. 
Northern Safety Network Yukon
Northern Superior Mechanical
ORO Enterprises
Ray of Sunshine
Seewolf Enterprises
Solid Gold Solutions
The Bunkhouse
The Raven’s Nook
Total Crawler Services Ltd
Trans North Helicopters
Triple J Hotel
Van Every Inc.
Vogt Enterprises
Westmark Inn Dawson
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
Yukon Chamber of Mines

Members can also be found in our Member Directory